There are a few, very clear memories Dr. Tate Guild has from his childhood, and one of them involves sitting in the dental chair laughing so hard at the joke his dentist had just told him, he could barely catch his breath. It was those fun and inviting moments he spent as a patient of that dentist that inspired him to become a dentist as well.

After graduating dental school from the UNLV School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Guild spent 3 years practicing as a general dentist in Las Vegas. While he enjoyed those 3 years practicing as a general dentist, he kept feeling a desire to further his training to specialize in pediatric dentistry. He wanted to help create positive, fun memories for his patients, so they would grow up and enjoy going to the dentist as adults. With that desire guiding him, he moved to Dallas, Texas for a 2-year residency program to train to become a pediatric dentist specialist.

During his pediatric residency in Dallas, he also developed a passion and skill in treating children and adults with special health care needs. Most of his 2-year residency was spent treating and caring for the most medically complex children in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He is grateful for those 2 years of training as they helped him feel comfortable in treating any patient that walks through his dental office doors.

At home, Dr. Guild enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 young boys. They enjoy exploring all of southern Nevada’s parks, attractions, and sporting events together.

Dr. Guild is excited to help create fun and inviting dental experiences for your children. He looks forward to meeting you and your family.

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